Points of Interest

Points of Interest

Divulge into the Grandness of the North Rim

Our historic cabins in the heart of the North Rim of the Grand Canyon National Park are the ultimate getaways for adventure and relaxation. The Grand Canyon Lodge offers access to incredible viewpoints, rewarding hiking trails and scenic drives.

A spectacular viewpoint of the North Rim, just a short distance from the Grand Canyon Lodge. Follow the paved trail to see the views of Bright Angel Canyon to the east, Transept Canyon to the west, and the defining carved erosional formations of the Grand Canyon.

Follow the windy path of the scenic drive to Cape Royal. This viewpoint is one of the few spots with views of the Colorado River. Guests can also enjoy the expansive views of the east, south and west making this the perfect spot for sunrises or sunsets.

Visit the highest point of the Grand Canyon National Park standing at 8,803 feet. From this viewpoint, guests can see the Painted Desert, the Marble Canyon and the eastern end of the Grand Canyon. This is the perfect spot for sunrise and astrophotography as you can see the Milky Way Galaxy from this viewpoint.

Visitors can see the breathtaking views of the natural arch that creates the Angel’s Window. This can be accessed by an easy side trail from the Cape Royal trail.

View the ruins of an Ancestral Puebloan structure. This can be accessed through the scenic drive to Cape Royal.