Dark Skies

Dark Skies

Dark Skies on a Grand Scale!

The Grand Canyon National Park is remote, vast and untouched in nature, which makes it the ultimate destination for stargazing.

With over four million visitors each year, the park is subject to various aspects of pollution. In 2016, the Grand Canyon National Park began working on better preserving the night skies. The goal of the project was to turn all 5,000 light fixtures to IDA requirements such as “warm white” LED light fixtures in efforts to reduce light pollution across the Grand Canyon. The project was successfully completed in 2019 and the Grand Canyon National Park was recognized as an International Dark Sky Park.

The Grand Canyon Lodge at the North Rim assisted the National Park Service with this project to reduce light pollution and preserve the night skies. All our light fixtures are modified to prevent light pollution and are fully shielded. Guests will notice there is limited outdoor lighting, so bring a flashlight for nighttime use.

Head outside, grab a chair and enjoy the incredible show of the night skies at North Rim!